A man with a vision and a Mission Rev. Emmanuel Agormeda of Royal House Chapel International

A man with a vision and a Mission Rev. Emmanuel Agormeda of Royal House Chapel International

Rev. Emmanuel Agormeda is the Senior Pastor of Royal house Chapel International, Maryland in the United States. He also doubles as the Apostle in charge of Royal house Chapel Churches in North America. He holds a degree in Political Science and a Master of Divinity with Pastoral Studies emphasis, He currently studying at the Oral Roberts University for his Doctor of Ministry degree.

Sharing his thoughts and vision with Afrikan Post at his Maryland Office he said  “My personal vision and passion is equipping people for a victorious and successful Christian life on earth as well as preparing them for the second coming of our Lord. I always look for opportunities to disciple people into Christian leadership.”

Rev. Agormeda discovered his potential as a kid growing up at Kotobabi, a suburb of Accra. He would be called by the older people to pray for them and as a kid he would lay his hands on them just as he sees it being done in Church. He recalls his days rebellion from the church; as his manner was instead of going to church he plays soccer with his friends and broke his arm with a compound fracture of the left radius and ulna. He broke his arm in the course of the game and had to be hospitalized for two months. Rev. Korankye Ankrah who is now his spiritual father sent one of his pastors to pray for him at the time. It was during this period of incapacitation that he reflected upon his life and took a firm decision to surrender his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. In his words  “I gave my life to Christ in 1993 and I have been on fire for the Lord from that time through my University days till today.”
Even though Rev. Agormeda has served in many positions including Youth President, Usher, prayer warrior, protocol officer, Cell Group leader and leader of Royal House University of Ghana Campus Fellowship it was not until 2003 that he succumbed to the call as a minister.

He relocated to the United States to pursue a master’s degree in International affairs but shifted his focus to divinity. His was compelled to deviate from his cherished dream of becoming a diplomat for the world to be a diplomat for the Kingdom of God.

His personal mission ties into that of the overall mission of the Royalhouse Chapel International “Touching Our Generation with the Power of God.”

As the Apostle in charge of Royalhouse Chapel International Churches in North America it is the goal of Rev. Agormeda to establish a branch of Royalhouse Chapel in every state with multiple churches in each State. In addition to the Maryland Mission, Royalhouse currently has branches in New Jersey; Raleigh, North Carolina; Greensboro, North Carolina; Connecticut; Bronx New York; Brooklyn, New York, Texas, and Virginia.
The Maryland Mission where he pastors constitutes a congregation from about 24 nations. In July of every year the Church hold their biggest conference known as Convention of Saints and wrap up with the International Women’s Conference in November.

It is the passion of the seasoned man of God to make his ministry relevant to the community and to be involved economically and spiritually. As part of the community involvement initiative the church in liaison with the Prince Georges County Social Services visits families that are in need to provide them with basic necessities of daily living.  With his 40th birthday coming up Rev. Agormeda said “As much as I am grateful to God for the gift of life and the opportunity to touch lives I want to spend it with residents of the homeless shelter.”

There are times he leads the church to provide hot meals for community shelters and fellowship with the residents.  With his growing deep and growing passion for the needy the man of God wants to set up a center where people can seek counseling, offer after school programs and assist with career opportunities. This would also be of immense benefit to the youth he is nurturing and empowering. His advice for the youth is that they should not consider the color of their skin, their accent, and unfortunate situations in the past and parental background as a limitation to what they can to achieve in life.

Rev. Agormeda a native of Ada in the Ga Adangbe district of Ghana is  married to  First lady Wilhelmina and they are blessed with three adorable children. Mrs. Wilhelmina Agormeda affectionately called Mama Mina is the leader of the Women’s wing of the ministry and also heads the marriage counseling department.
Finally Rev. Agomeda’s word to the community is that “As Christians our lives and conduct must reflect the life of Jesus and who Jesus is.  Human beings are fallible and make mistakes whether you are a Christian or not you are human. Even in our imperfections the arm of the Lord is open to us. We should therefore strive to look to the Lord and not man regardless of the circumstances”


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