United Kingdom – Zimbabwean social worker in the UK found guilty of possessing extreme animal porn videos

United Kingdom – Zimbabwean social worker in the UK found guilty of possessing extreme animal porn videos

Pornographic videos portraying animals including eels, a horse and a large fish involved in sex acts were discovered on the phone of a social worker from Slough, a court has heard.

Clayton Chigoya originally from Zimbabwe was found guilty of five counts of possessing extreme pornographic images showing acts of intercourse with animals and two counts of possessing indecent images of children, following a three-day trial at Reading Crown Court.

The jury heard on Wednesday that police had visited the 47-year-old’s home in Gatewick Close on July 31, 2013.

Acting on information that a telephone registered to Chigoya had received indecent images of children, they seized 19 electrical devices from the property.

Among the items taken was a damaged HTC phone which contained 404 videos on its memory card.

Seven of these videos, which were in the form of WhatsApp messages, contained pornographic videos portraying sex acts with animals.

Two of them also depicted sexual scenes with children as young as three years old.

Chigoya claimed he had never seen any of the seven videos when they were shown to him by police, but did admit to the court he had previously watched animal sex videos.

“They were sent on my WhatsApp. When I saw them, I deleted them but not on this particular phone we are talking about,” he told the court.

“I have never in my life requested any videos with animals. It is not because you want to watch it or request it, it is just sent around.”

Prosecuting, Russell Pine told the court two of the animal sex videos had also been forwarded on to other numbers from Chigoya’s phone.

He said: “You were part of a group of people who had a similar interest in these sorts of videos weren’t you?”

He added: “Is it possible you watched them and thought they were a little interesting and maybe a little bizarre but no harm in it?”

“I will deny this with all my heart,” replied Chigoya, who blamed his faulty phone for receiving and sending messages he claimed he had no idea about.

Chigoya was suspended from his job as a social worker, which involved him working with vulnerable adults and children, on August 5 2013 by the Health and Care Professions Council, following his arrest.

No other indecent images were recovered from any of the other devices taken from Chigoya’s home.

The father-of-three will be sentenced at the same court on May 8

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