Sharon Laryea- Miss Ghana USA 2015 Contestant

Sharon Laryea- Miss Ghana USA 2015 Contestant

Beneath the pale moonlight of March 10th 1991, a prayer was answered and a healthy baby girl was introduced to the world. Sharon Laryea was raised  in a household that offered unending love and support.
With a solid base. Sharon thrived, eventually graduating from the Krobo Girls Senior high school and a product of the University of  Ghana. She is very driven, which she demonstrated as she embraced music and dance at a tender age and ended up  as a member of entertainment committee in high school and used those talents to showcase herself in both church aand school choir.she  has varied interests which include socializing , involvement in her community , being a service ambassador and, not surprisingly , beauty pageants.Volunteerism is her first love.
Her fondness for pageants emerged when she entered and won the Miss Krobo Girls’ during her school’s 80th Anniversary.
Her love for the artistry grew a passion  in her to take music seriously.She begun to write her own songs and compose music as well as writing being another unhidden talent set her apart  as a writing genius.she wrote poems and stories with imaginations out of this world.
Never wanting to rest on those few talents , Sharon plans to further her studies in law with a focus on being an attorney mainly for women and child defense.
The 24 year old is determined to make her mark through a position that will help empower women especially victims of domestic violence.
Passionate , upbeat and insightful are just three words which Sharon uses to describe herself.Passionate –because she doesn’t let anything stop her; Upbeat – because she looks at any problem as a chance to gain new experiences and opportunities; Insightful ; because she shows a very deep understanding of people and situations.With a strong belief in her dreams and aspirations , Sharon will continue to strive for success, meeting every opportunity that life presents her with fervor and determination.
Motivated by her love for learning and succeeding as she  strive to become an outstanding and successful woman in today’s society , She got enrolled in University of Ghana to study psychology. Psychology, she chose to be her major because she had the definitive goal of becoming a lawyer someday and thought it best to study that so as to get a better understanding of human life and why we behave the way we do.
Whilst in her second year, Sharon had the opportunity to move to the states to join her mum. She then again went through  Northern Virginia Community College so as to pave way to gain admission into a four year University. The next step should be law school.
The Bible is the book she spends  most time reading alongside inspirational books which she says ignites her vision in life. She doesn’t have a favorite author.
The Person she admires most is her mother. And she says ‘ I have watched her grow stronger and stronger each day. Her positivity is what keeps me going. She is my greatest and number one cheerleader. She is the reason behind me contesting in this pageant today.  She is the reason I am striving to be an international lawyer, to become the voice of the voiceless.
A five year forecast of her life includes her having completed law school. In addition, she envisage herself as a representative to all women, empowering them to come out their shells and be what they want to be and helping the nation in curtailing violence amongst women and children. She also sees herself embarking on a charity outreach to help the poor and needy especially through various provision of basic needs and enhancing education in their sector.

To help Sharon embark on her journey to attain such remarkable change, you can help by sponsoring her through cash or kind. Any form of help would be greatly appreciated. All forms of sponsorship can be sent to her address or place of worship.

Details below
Contact Info: 571-575-7045 or 571-589-9964
Home address: 10370 launch Circle  apt 303                   Church Address: Ebenezer Presbyterian Church
Manassas va 20109                                                  14508 Telegraph Road ,

Pageant Information:
Miss Ghana Usa 2015
Venue: Alvin Alley American Dance Theatre
New York City
Date: July 25th,2015
Time 4:30pm
Ticket: At

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