Kwame Boakye Danquah, The Man Behind The Miss Ghana Tourism USA Pageant

Kwame Boakye Danquah a business magnate in the Community is a man with a passion for promoting Ghana’s Tourism Potential since it has become one of the benchmarks of development in Ghana today. He owns an online radio station (Ghana Tourist Coach Radio) which is used as a platform for promoting Ghana’s resource in tourism. He recently made history as the first Ghanaian in the United States to use pageantry to promote Ghana’s tourism potential. On Saturday October 10th he hosted the premier Miss Ghana Tourism USA Pageant and a fashion show at the Shady Grove University in Rockville, Maryland. Speaking to the Afrikan Post after the event these were his thoughts “What motivated me is the Tourism potentials in Ghana. When I look at the driving force behind Tourist’s intensions and behaviors when they visit Ghana, it blows my mind. I saw the need to start this pageant and use it as a mouth piece to revamp our Tourist industry. With all intents and purposes Miss Ghana Tourism will drive and promote investment in Ghana, and raise visibility to improve trade in Africa and the rest of the world. I believe Miss Ghana Tourism USA would meet people’s goals. . This year 2015, we are proud to have a beautiful and smart lady Whitney Osei to be the winner!!” Looking to the future Kwame Boakye Danquah said “Miss Ghana Tourism is forming a foundation for greater things to come. We will generate Tourists interest and actualize their intrinsic needs, and let them know “which countries are for what? Who is doing what? We aspire to inject a sense of awareness into People especially Ministry of Tourism in Ghana. They will have a sense of inspiration to push so hard so that our Tourism sector will be recognized in the States during their “NATIONAL TOURISM PERIOD”. It will motivate and inspire them to visit Ghana if we manage our “Tourism Portfolio” well. Ghana’s economic development will largely depends on how well we promote our Tourism abroad. We need to self-actualize and liberate our Tourist destinations in Ghana. We are already collaborating here in the United States with some notable companies like South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Group Nduom, KBD insurance, Green Home Mortgage, Ghana Tourist Coach Radio, Afrikan Post Newspaper etc. These are strategic partners. Miss Ghana Tourism USA wants to have “free media with the travel industry which will enhance the general consumer media. Ultimately this will create lots of awareness in Ghana. No one or no institution can live without challenges. New organization such as Miss Ghana Tourism USA is no exception. We have faced a range of challenges. Risks and mistakes are part of our daily lives. You just have to know how to deal with them as they come. In my world, most challenges are a stepping stone to succeed. I just have to look at the end of the tunnel, it’s positively just around the corner. The feedback from the people is amazing!! It’s very encouraging. I’m very excited!!!!! The future of this organization is very bright in that, we intend to get “Tour operators to provide quality service so that those who “purchase tickets” to will be satisfied. Again we are to encourage “Tour operators” organize products that people can buy and visit Ghana. Miss Ghana Tourism USA wants to put Ghana on the map so that Tourists would look at “Ghana as a place to go! The future is so bright!! We are going to work with “structures (like “hotels, monuments), and fix poor conditions of service. Ghana must be prepared to handle the tourists as they come in. We really have to understand the movement of the people as they come and go. Miss Ghana Tourism will help put in place a system of assessment which will update us about our daily movement and identify good hotels in Ghana. We will have people on the ground (good eyes) to tell us how friendly, are the people in Ghana. For instance, the state of the rivers and beaches over there in Ghana. ” This year 2015, the winner took home a free round trip ticket to Ghana, provided by South African Airways, $500.00 (Cash) and clothes from GTP.

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