MORE THAN PERFECT: Boy Scores 1355 Out of 1300 on the State Aptitude Test

This just HAS to be shared! Tiffany Dawson, an extremely proud mother took to facebook to share the amazing score her 12 year old son Josh scored on his state aptitude test.

Most people would be more than happy with 100% but obviously that was not enough for Josh as he excelled and smashed through that getting 1355 out of 1300! How the hell did he get that? Well, his Mom wrote on her facebook:

Congratulations to my son Josh for scoring 1355 on the State Aptitude Test…
A PERFECT SCORE IS 1300 he got the extra 55 points for the Bonus Questions.
He will be receiving an award and an All Expense paid trip to Florida in Spring of 2016 for this achievement!
Way to go son!!! ‪#‎AnotherProudMomMoment‬

He certainly deserves the trip, what an inspiration! Here is the proud looking picture his mom also shared from her post here.

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