Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng Goes On Holy-Land Tour

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It’s one minute past 3PM in Israeli local time and Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng is getting off the Austrian Airlines plane with some members of his Divine Word International Ministries (DWIM) congregation to begin [their Holy Land Tour].
The day is October 5, 2016. The late afternoon sun shines a warm welcome on the Bishop and other members of the DWIM that have joined him on this spiritual journey to Israel.
As passengers walk out of the plane, another one follows because a single flight was not enough to transport the over 150 members of the DWIM to Israel on their tour of the Holy Land. Like the Bishop, everyone else on the journey was about to experience Israel for the first time and it was obvious that each traveler had come with a purpose on this all important life mission.
When asked the Bishop how important this trip to Israel of his was, he said: “this is probably going to be one of the most important trips in my life and in that of the lives of almost everyone present. We intend to use our one week stay in Israel to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ in a very spiritual way.”
Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng further explain, “this tour of the Holy Land is not just a pilgrimage for us, it is an opportunity for each person here to have a one-on-one encounter with Jesus Christ by walking and praying in some of the very places he did and using the experience to positively change our lives and those connected to us.”
Anyone making this tour with a clean heart and spirit is sure to end it with a strong feel of the manifestation of God in their respective lives the Bishop said. As talks to some of the travelers on the tour, it became obvious that they all share in the Bishop’s faith.
These travelers have come from over 20 American States and beyond; some even journeying from places like mainland Canada, and European nations like Germany and the United Kingdom.
Both young and old were filled with excitement and mostly awe when observed by during their journey up the acropolis of Herodium which is sometimes referred to as the Herodion. This was the first stop in the one week Holy Land tour. It was an amazing sight to behold for all present on that day of October 6, 2016. This was in the area which is now the Palestinian West Bank.
Herodion; the fortified palace of King Herod the Great which is where he is also thought to be buried, prepared members of the Divine Word International Ministries for their next stop which was at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
Some members of the DWIM that talked to after their visit to the Church of the Nativity said they couldn’t believe they just had the opportunity of their lifetime to actually set foot on such hallowed grounds, actually not far from the cave where Jesus Christ was born.
In all, it was such a life-changing-eye-opener for this writer too, who was on the trip purely for the purpose of covering it from a reporter’s point of view. Words and photographs will forever not be enough to describe the feeling that locals and non-local alike have from visiting places in the Holy Land, especially those very spiritually attuned.
One thing remains clear, Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng and his DWIM will certainly be going into the 2016 record books for forming one of the largest African-Christian group to visit Jerusalem in Israel, and Bethlehem in Palestine. These cities are considered the holiest and oldest cities by two of the words most widely practiced religions on earth — Christianity and Islam.
His answer to why his church had to begin their tour in Palestine is a direct re-echo of the words of Yohanan Aharoni in his book; The Land of the Bible:  “The history of any land and people is influenced to a considerable degree by their geographical environment… this is especially true for Palestine, a small and relatively poor country which derives its main importance from its unique centralized location at the juncture of continents and a crossroads for the nations.”
Thus the Bishop believes Christians worldwide as a nation of believers in Christ should, if possible visit Palestine but always bear in mind the fact that Christ is always near, wherever you are, so long as your faith is pure and true.
To find out more about Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng and his DWIM click here:
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Nissan Brothers Present Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng With Ark Of The Covenant
Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng and some members of his Divine Word International Ministries (DWIM) were pleasantly surprised with a replica of the Biblical Holy Ark of the Covenant on October 6, 2016, during their Holy Land Tour of Israel and Palestine.
The presentation which was made by one of the Nissan Family Brothers; George Nissan, happened at main Bethlehem branch of the Nissan Restaurant located in Bethlehem, via Israel street in Palestine.
George and Afram Nissan — two of the four brothers that own the Nissan Brothers firm — said they had “never seen so much outpouring of charity and love shown by visitors” to their Bethlehem New Store in a long time. They said this after Bishop Adonteng Boateng and over 100 members of DWIM church made a stop at their store which manufactures and sells olive wood, mother-of-Pearl, and retails all kinds of Holy Land Souvenirs.
Bishop Adonteng Boateng said to that since the store was located across the street from the Nissan brothers’ restaurant in Bethlehem he decided to have his church members eat there after they had gone shopping for holy religious paraphernalia and ornaments during their Holy Land Tour.
“While in the store, I saw that Holy Ark of the Covenant and felt moved by the spirit of God that my church should have that replica. I was however not settled in my mind to purchase it yet. So it was in my opinion, a Divine Intervention that God touched the Nissan Brothers to present it to my church barely 2hrs after we had seen it.”
The oldest Nissan brother; George, told this writer that the demeanor of the Bishop and the blessing his church brought to his family’s businesses that day went a long way to prove to him that God indeed is no respecter of persons and languages — He [God] loves us all and sees us all as one people and can use the least expected persons and situations to be a blessing — said George.
The brothers asked DWIM to use their gesture to spread the word about their nation Palestine and the peaceful nature in which its people coexist despite the many religious and political differences that sometimes create strife. “You have been here yourself, you have seen how we live and how much we are like everyday simple people who just want to live in peace…” George said.
The Nissan Brothers are owners of one of the largest tourism facilities in Bethlehem. They are practitioners of the Assyrian Orthodox religion which to date continues to use the very language spoken in the times of Jesus Christ. The brothers use their business to fuel the small Palestinian economy which is mainly driven by tourism. Find out more about them and their business at
“This Holy Ark of the Covenant is a great sign of greater things to come for everyone here as a result of this Holy Land tour, Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng said.
The Ark of the Covenant is chest made of  wood with a gold cover, that according to the Old Testament scripture of Exodus contains the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, or the Decalogue, which God gave to Moses for His people.
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