By Sammy Appietu

The newly elected member of parliament, MP of New Edubiase Constituency , Mr GEORGE Oduro has established an office of the member of parliament in New Edubiase , five days after the Ghanaian general elections. This is as part of his major camp

aign promises he made to the people of the Area before the elections.Mr Oduro is the first NPP parliamentary candidate to win the controversial New Edubiase seat. The man during the campaigns in the just ended 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections made a promise to establish a modern office complex so that any person who wish to see the MP will not pass through any difficulties before seeing the MP as was in the case of the period of the NDC member of parliament, Ernest Kofi Yakah.

The New Edubiase Constituency which was formed in 1992 was a major seat for the NDC party. It has never being won by any political party aside NDC in the history of Ghanaian elections. It was before the elections the only seat in Ashanti region which had never being won by the NPP for more than 20 years, though the Ashanti region is the stronghold of the NPP.

The Constituency is one of the major Cocoa growing areas in Ghana with different tribes of people in Ghana. It is made up of more than 300 farming communities and villages. The Constituency also share boundaries with two regions, Eastern and Central regions , two major rivers Pra and offin . Though the Area produces largest portion of Ghanaian Cocoa, it is considered among the poorest areas in Ghana with bad acces to road and lack of basic amenities like water.

Before the elections , the NDC considered the Constituency as a “no go Area” for the NPP and it was touted to take a bulldozer to collect the seat to the NPP side.
But with determination and hardwork , the renowned businessman and contractor, GEORGE oduro won the elections with a clearer margin of 18,477 of the valid votes cast as against 14,050 of the NDC.

Opening the office, the elected MP said he made the promise of establishing the office to enable the people to contact their MP very easily with their problems. He promised this is first of the numerous promises he made to the people and more is on the wayb.
The office is a modern office painted with the Ghanaian colours. It is with computers, a personal secretary, a driver , one Nissan pickup and other communication gadgets. The MP told reporters that all his Area coordinators which he will establish to various communities to work with him will all report to him in the office any time he is in the Constituency. The office is different from the NPP party office which is very close to the office of the member of Parliament.
He ended that the office will be open to everybody in the Constituency despite the persons political affiliations

Written by
Samuel Appietu Antwi

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