Susanna Wesley Mission Auxiliary (SUWMA) Donates To Bridgepoint Hospital

Susanna Wesley Mission Auxiliary (SUWMA) Donates To Bridgepoint Hospital

The Susanna Wesley Mission Auxiliary (SUWMA), a ladies association of the Ghana United Wesley Methodist church in Woodbridge, Virginia, has donated assorted items to the Bridgepoint hospital on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.
BridgePoint Hospital is a facility which provides care for patients requiring longer hospitalizations in post-acute care settings.

As part of their social responsibility to the community the group donated toiletries and sanitary cleaning materials and socks to the hospital.
Mrs. Florence Agyemang the president of the group said one of the main aims of the group, is to take good care of the poor and needy in society. “it is part of our aim to embark on visitations to prisons, the sick, and the aged as such SUWMA branches all over the world have been involved in similar gestures to their various communities”
Rev. Emmanuel Nkrumah who accompanied the group offered prayers for the sick and encouraged them to be of good hope . The presentation was made by Rev. Emmanuel Nkrumah with the Executives, patrons and members of SUWMA.

A Hospital Representative at Bridgepoint Hospital who received the items expressed the Hospitals appreciation for such a loving and kind gesture by the Women’s group.

The Ghana United Wesley Methodist Church is located on 1400 G Street in Woodbridge. Virginia. In 2013 a local branch of The Susanna Wesley Mission Auxiliary (SUWMA) was inaugurated with the following aims and objectives

  1. To endeavor to enlist all those women who are not members of any women’s organization.
  2. To instill in the members the spirit of Holiness and Godly living both at home and in the Church and Society.
  • To enable members to most attention to nurture of children in the Church.
  1. To assist in the Decoration of Chapel or Church premises and Mission House
  2. To embark on visitations to prisons, the sick, the aged.
  3. To assist in the training and welfare of Ministers in the Church.
  • To embark upon literacy education among women who can neither read nor write.

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