Captain Billy Bids to Manage NPP-USA Finances as USA National Treasurer

Captain Billy Bids to Manage NPP-USA Finances as USA National Treasurer

Vote for Dr. Kwasi Gyan Ayim-Darko aka Captain Billy

for continued transparency as the

Treasurer, NPP-USA

I was appointed the Deputy Treasurer of NPP-USA in 2014 and have served till present. The role of the treasurer in a non-profit organization such as ours, with voluntary membership and chapters across the length and breadth of the USA, is unique, beyond expertise in accounting. It fundamentally requires an affable nature and a strong affinity for relationship building. Besides knowledge of financial compliance, budgeting, and book-keeping, for example, the ability to coordinate and effectively communicate, liaising with several chapter chairpersons in collecting membership dues and other chapter contributions, is critical. These are skill best acquired on the job and I have had the privilege of doing so for the four years and thus well prepared to take-over the substantive Treasurer position. As your Treasurer, I will work with the National Executive Committee (NEC) members, Chapter Executives, and their members to continue to build a stronger and dedicated NPP-USA Branch in terms of ideas, cost savings, revenue generation and support for the Branch’s survival and growth. I therefore humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming elections as the Treasurer for NPP-USA.

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