A Champion Arises in Prince Georges County District #24

A Champion Arises in Prince Georges County District #24

Sia Finoh braves the Storm to Run for the House of Delegates

Sia Finoh a first generation African American woman with family ties in Sierra Leone is running for the House of Delegates, Prince George’s County. District #24
Her candidacy is propelled by the growth of the diverse community in Prince George’s County and the need to have a voice in the midst of the population.

Sia Finoh a strong advocate for Women’s rights stands on the Wings of Great African-American Women.
She brings on board fresh ideas to unify the constituents and a vision for total development and enhancing strong human development and empowerment in her community.
Her vision is clear on her website http://www.siafinoh.com

“I am running because:

  • I think senior citizens should have an opportunity to age in place at a time taxes are raised but their incomes remain the same. I want to ensure they are not taxed out of their homes in the communities they built;
  • I am running because I believe women should enjoy the same honest day pay – for an honest day’s work – on par with wages paid to men;
  • I believe in our families, our small businesses and our students must enjoy LIVEABLE Communities that offers smart growth and development in an atmosphere where our children graduate from school – attend affordable colleges in our state and return home to employment.”


Learn more about her journey from humble beginnings in Sierra Leone to American Political Scene.


Sia Finoh was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa to Ahmed and Alice Isatu M’brewa. Sadly her Mother past away at the age of 26 when Sia was still an infant. Being raised by her father and stepmother Elizabeth Bangura Finoh, they fled the country to protect their six children from the unsafe conditions surrounding the ten-year civil war and was granted political asylum in the great nation of the United States of America.  Since the age of 12, Ms. Finoh has been a permanent resident of Prince George’s County, Maryland. Throughout her childhood, her parents were instrumental in her determination to improve the lives of others around her. Her mother is a social worker with great compassion for people of all kind. Her father a civil engineer, who was influential in various construction projects in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia in the late 80’s and early 90’s such as the Tyson’s Mall, Howard University graduate apartment complex and several subdivision projects in Prince George’s County. She’s a proud Prince Georgian and has committed a generous amount of time in giving back to the county and the community in which she resides.

Being the Founder and CEO of Education for Africans a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization has given her an extensive outlook on human rights and women rights that impact communities worldwide. In 2010, Ms. Finoh graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. During her tenure at the University of Maryland, she was a legislative aide to former Senator Nathaniel Exum. This was her political start in increasing her knowledge and gaining hands-on experience in researching and the writing of house bills. This also included corresponding to the district’s constituents and being a part of the planning of Student Legislative Week. This exposure became a pivotal point in her life because it confirmed her passion to empower the community and her activism for women’s rights. In 2015, Ms. Finoh was a single mother with a drive and ambition to further her education and became a proud graduate of American University located in Washington, DC with a Master’s in International Service.

Ms. Finoh is a proud member of the NAACP, Prince George’s Chapter, Women’s Global Empowerment, Education of Hope, Girls Hope and No Child Left Behind. She’s a devoted mother of three; a son who’s serving in the United State Army and two daughters, one who is attending Morgan State University with a plan to pursue her degree in becoming a veterinarian and the youngest is a 2 years old toddler.

The primary elections which will be held on June 26, 2018. Remember to Vote for Sia Finoh/

Early voting starts June 14 -24 and the voting Day is June 26. Please, you can start voting from the June 14th until the 26. and you can also start sending in  absence ballots


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