Sia Finoh for Maryland House of Delegates-Prince George’s County District #24

Sia Finoh for Maryland House of Delegates-Prince George’s County District #24

Despite everything that’s going on with our government in Washington, America is still presumed to be the “land of the free”, where you are free to do, say and become whoever we want. “The home of the brave” where you are encouraged to work hard and reap what you sow. Basically, it is a land where dreams, passion, and talent are rewarded; a land of unparalleled opportunities. It is simply a land where the activity of imagining things, especially ideas that seems impossible or improbable, can be transformed into reality. As a daughter of an immigrant, an immigrant from West Africa myself and like so many other immigrants; these are the values we came to seek in the United States of America. This is the reason why I am honored to be our candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates, District 24. I have been involved in civic activism for more than a decade in Prince George’s County. I now feel the time has come for me to seek this elected office. My goal is to produce fresh ideas and find concrete solutions to our most pressing issues, as a Delegate in the General Assembly. The 2018 election year promises to be very exciting as new candidates registered to have an office; each promising to address key issues. This is clearly a sign that people are energized and determined to make a positive change in our community. For so long, poor leadership has led to a decline in morality and conduct. We have lost our way. We have seen:

(A.)Bribes amount our Elected Officials has increased through the years, (B).Violence in our schools,

(C.) 5,500 students allowed to graduate without making the grade. (D.) The superintendent proposed a 2.1 Billion dollar budget; but what will be the outcome of the proposed 2.1 considering the same old scathing State audit? It is time to bring civility, honor, and respect back to Prince George’s County (“from the Statehouse to Your house”). I am a parent of three children; a son who is in U.S Army, a daughter who attends Morgan State University and a toddler, a daughter, and a native of Prince George’s County. I am fighting for a better future for us and our children. Your story is my story, and when we get to Annapolis, they will finally hear from us by advocating for hope, opportunity, and a better life for all. At the Sia Finoh Victory Campaign, we are committed to putting our people first. Prince Georgians must come first. It is not about the top 10 percent, but the other 90 percent of Prince Georgians; who believe that one’s own freedom, justice, peace, and opportunity are best preserved and enhanced through the protection and advancement of our fellow citizens. We are committed to serving businesses and our communities to the best of our ability. With your assistance I know we will go a long way in fulfilling our goals. Our focus will be on supporting our local business community, enhancing employment opportunities, and preparing our youths to meet the challenges of 21 century. Let your voice be heard. Make your vote count: Vote Sia Finoh on June 26. Early voting June 14th – 24th.

Coral Hills, Fairwood, Glenn Dale, Hillcrest Heights, Kettering, Lake Arbor, Landover, Lanham, Largo, Marlow Heights, Mitchellville, Peppermill Village, Seabrook, Silver Hill, Springdale, Suitland, Summerfield, Walker Mill, Woodmore
State Legislative District:
Prince George’s County

ZIP Codes:
20706, 20720, 20721, 20743, 20746, 20747, 20748, 20769, 20774, 20785

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