Evangelical Presbyterian Church USA Commissions New Ministers

Evangelical Presbyterian Church USA Commissions New Ministers

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church USA Commissioned New Ministers into Office at a ceremony in Takoma Park, Maryland. The Ministers were Rev. Mrs. Vanessa Mensah Adu, Rev. Edem Sapati, Rev. Philip Elike, Rev. Kwasi Adessu, Rev. Henry Darko, Rev. Benjamin Donya. Rev. Peter Afflu was also accepted into the EP Church.
The officiating Ministers were Rt. Rev. Paul Mensa Avinou-Moderator E.E P, Togo, Rev. Frank Anku-Vice Principal of the E P Seminary, Peki, and Rev. Dr. E.A K Amey, Clerk of the General Assembly, Ghana. The event was held on Sunday, March 18, 2018,

Popularly referred to as the “EP Church, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, is a Protestant Christian denomination in Ghana
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana was founded by German missionaries on November 14, 1847, in Peki.  These missionaries from the North German Mission Society (Norddeutsche Mission, Bremen), together with the Basel Mission in 1847, started work among the Ewe people in what is now the Volta Region of Ghana. By the beginning of World War I, they had established two mission stations in the British colony of the Gold Coast and seven in the German territory of Togoland. The first of the mission stations was (Mission-Tove) in present-day Togo.

After the war, Togoland was divided into two territories, the western one under British rule and the eastern one under French rule. The first synod of the mission stations in May 1922, despite the division of Togoland, declared itself to be the supreme governing body of the “Ewe Church.” The church adopted the congregational order of the Bremen Mission. In 1923, Scottish missionaries began working in British Togo (Transvolta Togoland), which is the present-day Volta Region of Ghana. The church in French Togoland (now Togo) was run by the Paris Mission.

As a result, development proceeded separately in the two territories, although both churches share the same constitution.

The EP church has its headquarters at Ho, the capital of the Volta Region of Ghana. It has more than 600,000 members in nearly 750 congregations. The overall leader of the church is known as the Moderator of the General Assembly. The current Moderator of the General Assembly of the church is Very Rev. Dr. Seth Senyo Agidi. He succeeded Rt. Rev. Francis Amenu in 2015, who had been elected as the first Moderator of the General Assembly, which was constituted in 2009 (Wikipedia)

The church has established numerous primary and secondary schools and a university college including the following;

Mawuli Secondary School, Ho, Evangelical Presbyterian University College and E. P. Secondary School at Hohoe.

The Church is also credited with establishing the Adidome Hospital

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