Residents of Akwapem in the Adansi Asokwa District Bemoan Deplorable State of Roads and Drinking Water

Residents of Akwapem in the  Adansi Asokwa District Bemoan Deplorable State of Roads and Drinking Water

Juliet Serwaa Boateng-Kumasi

Residents of Akwapem in the Adansi Asokwa District Bemoan Deplorable State of Roads. From: Juliet Serwaa Boateng_Kumasi.

Residents of Akuapem a sub Community in Adansi Asokwa District of Ashanti region of Ghana, have expressed their worry about their deplorable roads which mostly leads to maternal death and has now become a threat to all pregnant women in that community.

Kumasi based Angel FM. Correspondent Chukwu Joseph visited the area on Me Patamu Te Sen and interacted with the residents over their concerns.
It is pathetic to know how pregnant women are carried in wheelbarrow’s and pans to hospital for delivery which makes them lose their life or that of a child as a result of these deplorable road conditions.

In his interaction with some women said they have made an efforts to bring the situation to the attention of the appropriate authorities but their plight and plea have fallen on deaf ears.

Ophelia Addo a resident said, she had a miscarriage while she was awaiting her first born due to the state of the road. She had to be carried out on wood in order to reach the hospital. Her grandmother is bedridden and she cannot find any means of transport to take her to the hospital. Even motorcycles have refused to go to the community.
When I was pregnant with my second child I had to be carried on a wooden plank again to Adansi Anwona before I got a car to New Edubiase hospital. At the time I got there It took a lot for the Doctor to save my life”. She, therefore, appealed to the authorities to come to their aid.

Another woman also had a similar experience during the rainy season when she was in labor and had to be transported to the hospital. She got to the hospital the doctor told her that water had gotten into the nostrils of the child.
About seven women have lost their children because they could not get a ride during labor, One woman bled to the extent that she lost her child by the time she got to the hospital.

Mr, Chukwu Joseph inquired if they have reached out to Mr. Andy Boahen, the District Chief executive of the area and their member of Parliament Hon. Mr. K.T Hammond. All the people were unanimous in complaining that the political representative’s make promises to them when campaigning for their votes but after they are voted into office they desert them.

The men on their part complained bitterly about their source of drinking water. For over 20 years they have only been given promises and yet no action is taken. They drink polluted water and are lucky to be alive.

Nana Kwadwo Fori the Odikro of the community said as promised by the Hon.K.T Hammond MP of the area they have waited patiently for his response but since he has deserted them they have decided to speak and appeal through Angel FM to get the attention of the government.

The Odikro lastly said apart from the bad state of the roads they are also battling with potable drinking water. He explained that they have been sharing their water with animals and sometimes needs to fetch water from a someone fish pond nearby when the river dries up.

The Angel FM correspondent affirmed that he fell several times from his motorbike before he could get to the town. He, therefore, appealed to the appropriate authorities to respond to the plight of the people of Adansi Akuapem.

The Adansi Asokwa District was carved out of Adansi North District Assembly in March 2018. It has its capital at Asokwa located on the Kumasi – Cape Coast main road.


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