The state of Adansi development over the past several decades has become a major concern for Adansi citizens across the globe. For many years, we have witnessed a paradox of the richest, but poorest district in the country. Adansi, with its large mineral deposit, has historically become the victim of environmental destruction through AGC/AGA (particularly, in Obuasi and its surroundings), and most recently, unregulated small-scale mining activities. Sadly, considering the large mineral exploration and exploitation, Adansi has not seen substantial benefits in its social and economic development compared to other parts of the world where similar activities take place. Instead, we are witnessing the unbridled destruction of the district’s vegetation, land, and river bodies in the hands of both Ghanaians and Foreign Nationals through illegal small-scale mining (Galamsey) operations. These destructive activities pose an existential threat to humanity. We, therefore, demand the immediate attention of Adansi leadership and all patriotic Ghanaians.


In the past few years, discussions on the impact of “Galamsey” activities on the environment have become a focal point in the political and economic dialogue among the Ghanaian body politic. The Akufo Addo government, shortly, after coming into power took a giant step to halt small-scale mining in order to streamline their activities in the country. The degree of damage caused by small-scale mining activities to rivers and other vegetation resources has exerted substantial pressure on the inhabitants.  Communities and individuals who live near such unregulated activities and primarily depend on such river bodies as a source of drinking water and livelihood, face an existential threat. We applaud the actions of the government, which to a large extent, culminated in temporary preservation of our water bodies and vegetation.  Notwithstanding, we have also witnessed, during the past few months, the reemergence of several unregulated mining activities in some parts of the country, particularly, communities in Adansi district.


As Ghanaians and Adansi citizens, we are very much aware of the arrest and deportation of several Chinese nationals who invaded the country with their technology and machinery to destroy our lands and vegetation for financial gains through their mining operations. We are also cognizant of the unscrupulous collaboration of Ghanaians who provide safe haven to incentivize these activities in the country. Regrettably, the main culprits are the community and traditional rulers who gave and continue to give out concessions to the illegal miners. Clearly, before anyone could have access to the river bodies and mineral deposits, they must have obtained authorization from some traditional rulers and/or District Chief Executives (DCE’s) within the communities. In the past few weeks, videos and pictures have gone viral on social media and the internet featuring the resumption of illegal mining activities in parts of Adansi, to mention a few, Dompoase and Akrokerri. In a recent reported incident that appeared on the Ghanaweb, dozens of people are believed to have been swallowed at an illegal mining facility in Akrokerri. This is not only disturbing but also, an insult to our democracy and humanity. It is unthinkable that Ghanaians would sit by and watch the nefarious activities of a few opportunists, who care less about the future of our children.


The Adansi Progressive Alliance, comprising representatives of various Adansiman groups and citizens across the globe is aware of these developments. We are stunned by the cruel disregard of our leadership who have not acted appropriately on such an important matter that affects present and future generations. Thus, we request the immediate attention and investigation of all small-scale mining activities in the district. We respectfully ask the appropriate authorities to halt all small-scale mining activities and investigate their operations in order to save our precious environment and humanity. In an attempt to address this issue, we also call on our leadership – political and traditional rulers to answer one simple question, “is it possible for a Ghanaian and in this case an Adansi citizen or group of Adansi citizens to mine in China, destroy their vegetation, water bodies, etc. without having to face the communist legal system?”


We strongly advocate that the traditional authorities who gave out the permits be taken to task and sanctioned appropriately.





George Kwasi Bright, President                                               Francis Atuahene, PhD, Secretary

Adansi Progressive Alliance (APA), USA                    Adansi Progressive Alliance (APA), USA

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