Kenyan Candidate Cedes Presidential Bid

Kenyan Candidate Cedes Presidential Bid

Nairobi — Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has revealed that Uhuru Kenyatta signed a pre-poll pact in the presence of lawyers that requires him to step down in his favour for the Jubilee presidential ticket.

Mudavadi said the agreement which was deposited with the Registrar of Political parties is still binding, but indicated willingness by the United Democratic Forum (UDF) to continue with negotiations to find an amicable solution to the ongoing crisis.

“Uhuru proposed we each present lawyers to sign an agreement. Uhuru told me he had made a sacrifice to withdraw and support me,” he told a news conference.

He has told a news conference that he was surprised when members of The National Alliance (TNA) started calling for a delegates’ conference to pick a flag bearer yet the agreement was clear that he would be the candidate.

But even as he spoke, Jubilee MPs and delegates meeting at the Multi Media University insisted that Kenyatta would not step down in favour of Mudavadi, and the only option available was facing the Gatundu South MP in a primary poll.

One of the lawmakers, Danson Mungatana, claimed Kenyatta was under duress when he signed the agreement to step down for Mudavadi.

“If Mudavadi wants to be in Jubilee, he has to accept nomination by delegates. He left ODM seeking democracy,” Mungatana opined.

Party Secretary General Onyango Oloo said TNA did not recognise the agreement because it is not binding to party members.

“The decision for Uhuru on whether to step down or not lies with the delegates. We have built this party for a long time preaching democracy and we want to practice it.”

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